P.R.Z. Paintball – Review

przheaderHaving played at many fields - in and out of Canada -  in the last 5 years (5 years, big deal, I know),  I have come to form an understanding of what makes a good field come to appreciate certain fields, and have compiled a list of features that keep me coming back for more. The following review is written through the lens of a paintball marker owner, and not a casual renter.

I have broken these field features down into the following categories.

Cost & Quality of Paint, Cost of entry, BYOP Availability, Onsite Facilities, Field Versatility, Field Upkeep,  Staff.

Cost & Quality of Paint

PRZ remains to be one of the few remaining reasonably priced paintball fields on Ontario. Event staff and field owners subscribe to the idea of fair paint pricing, and that paint should never exceed $100 a case. PRZ caters to both types of paintballers (speedball and magfed) by offering at least 2 different varieties of paint on gameday, one usually being a harder shelled paint, and the other being a higher quality and more brittle ball. PRZ often chooses Valken Graffiti as a supplier. PS. First Strike rounds are allowed here at most big games.

Cost of entry

One day events usually range for a reasonable $35, and two day passes for their bigger events range around $65 which also includes camping fees. To be honest, considering the size of the playing field, and how unique it is, I think that it's more than fair. Note: this field is cash only.

BYOP (Bring Your Own Paint) Availability

PRZ hosts the occasional BYOP big game at least once or twice a year, and hosts various BYOP walk on games throughout the year. Check their facebook page and website for availability and schedule.

On Site Facilities

PRZ has a small gear shop on site that houses the basics for game day action. (Smoke grenades, paint grenades, swabs, drinks, promotional items). They usually bring in a food truck for big games that offer great food at reasonable prices. Bathrooms are also available on site in the form of port-a-potties, and they bring in extras for bigger turn out games to avoid any... yeah. Camping is a common occurrence at this field as it is a commuter field. With that being said, you are never more than a 3 minute car ride to the nearest 24 hour Tim Hortons, Grocery Store, Pizzaria, and Bank. Running water, and electricity are not available on site.

Field Versatility

PRZ is one of the most versatile fields out there. They have a variety of playing zones, such as; wooded area (small but its there), village area, bunker zone (small structure field), 2 hallways of death connecting 3 massive multi-storey buildings (2 Storey, 3 Storey, and Warehouse). The field can be played lengthwise, or width wise depending on the game style. It also has a paved road that traverses the field which allows for motorized vehicles / tanks to be used during gameplay.  The field also sometimes hosts night games, which are absolutely insane. If the balls don't get you, your mind playing tricks on you will... it was an asylum after all.

Field Upkeep

Despite its rugged facade, the field owners are constantly pumping money back into the field by not only ensuring that the field is safe, but ever evolving. Every visit will reveal, and require a new necessary approach.


Tim Williams runs a tight ship. He employs top notch staff that ensure a pleasant, safe, fair, and fun experience.  Synergy Paintball, the fields main game organizer, employs some of the greatest refs out there. I have absolutely no complaints about the staff here.

Overall Score : 92%

What could make it better?

Sometimes you need some running water, whether it's for cleaning up a small scrape, cleaning paint out of your marker, or just to splash some water on your face at the end of a long day of slinging paint. Same goes for electricity... well no you don't want to splash that on your face, but you get what I mean.

Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/PRZPaintball?fref=ts

Official Website: http://przpaintball.ca/